Thursday, August 2, 2007

A loved one leaves us.

We apologize for the belated nature of this important news.

The passing of Mr Emmanuel Toche is sadly announced. A Cameroonian Baha'i who moved to the US a few years ago, Mr. Toche passed away on June 12th in a car accident. He was a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland and leaves behind a wife and five children.

Our hearts go out to the bereaved family and prayers are requested for this dear friend and his wonderful family.

Emmanuel Toche

At a 19 Day feast with his community

An Extract from a local newspaper:


Board Honors Driver Killed in Crash

...The board also honored the service of Emmanuel Toche, a MetroAccess driver who was killed June 12 on the Capital Beltway when he hit the back of a tow truck that was making an illegal U-turn. The truck driver fled the scene.
Toche was married and had five children. Earlier that day, one of his clients had written to Metro commending him for returning a lost wallet.