Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baha'i University Club visits School for the Deaf

On sunday 25th of February, The University of Buea Baha'i Students Club visited the Buea School For the Deaf located in Bomaka. This was done as part of the community's Ayamiha Celebrations.

13 Club members and two visitors were part of the team that presented a bag of rice and some tin tomatoe. Also, one of the club members preprared some posters with quotations from the Baha'i writings for the school. Kully Jupiter gave a talk on behalf of the Club on the importance of acquiring knowledge. The staff and students responded very positively to the visit and expressed their gratitude to the Club.

The Buea School for the Deaf is a privately run institution with students mainly from the South West province, however, there are some students from other areas. Though Special education is generally neglected, the school is making an effort to have their students get the benefits of education inspite of heavy financial and infrastructural shortages.

Members of the UB Baha'i students club who made the visit

Posters with Baha'i writings which were presented to the school

Achiri Tangu (to the left) explains the quotations from Baha'i writings

Jupiter gives a talk on education

One of the volunteers at the school (in pink) translates for the students

The Children show their appreciation by applauding

With the students...

With the staff

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