Monday, February 5, 2007

5th Cycle of growth in the Yaounde-Soa Cluster

The cluster reflection meeting for the Yaounde-Soa cluster took place on January 7th, with 61 participants. The reflection meeting served to consult on the successes and challenges faced during the 5th cycle of growth as well as to discuss strategies to unlock the massive potentials of the cluster. The reflection was graced with the guidance of Counsellor Tiati a Zock

The 5th cycle of growth had been launched in September with the intensive teaching phase lasting two weeks followed by three months of consolidation. It was noted that the participation during the intensive phase was lower than usual. However, more than 50 firesides were held in 9 locations and 21 home visits were made to over 17 seekers and 4 newly declared Baha'is.

One of the accomplishments of the consolidation phase was restarting children's classes and juniour youth clubs that had stopped over the holidays. The statistics at the end of the cycle stood as follows:

Study Circles : 25
30 Baha’is and 51 seekers

Juniour Youth clubs : 7
10 Baha’is and 110 seekers

Children classes : 29
31 Baha’is and 160 seekers

Devotional gatherings : 8
28 Baha’is and 14 seekers

The next reflection meeting was slated for 18th April 2007

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