Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Success at the World Religion Day

For the past couple of years, the Baha'i community of Buea has celebrated World religion day by organising an interfaith discussion, this was done this year to great success. A total of 98 people were present, 48 of which were not Baha'is.

The guest speakers were: (from the left) Mr. Yuh Laban (a Hindu), Rev. father, secretary of Bishop of Buea Dioces, Imam of Buea (Representing the Muslim community), and Ms. Stella Fuh (from the Baha'i community).

A diverse devotional programme was featured, here, a prayer is being read by a member of the muslim community.

The Baha'i Choir providing entertainment

Some pictures of the audience


Bamenda Babe said...

ooo..mona...is serious...smile. lovely pictures,...

Anonymous said...

Cameroon Tribune [09/02/2007]

South West : Baha’i Community Celebrates World Religion Day

Regina LIENGU ETAKA (Intern)

Buea (Fako) - Religious dialogue was at its peak in Buea recently as the Baha’i community celebrated this year’s World Religion Day. Under the theme "How the
World Great Religions can Promote Unity", the various speakers focused their discussions on the respect for each other’s religion. The aim of the World Religion Day was to foster the establishment of inter-faith understanding and harmony by emphasizing the common denominators underlying all religions. It was also to call for harmony amongst various religious spiritual principles and to stress that religion is a motivating force for world unity. Speakers during this year’s event included Rev. Dr. Andrew Nkea (for Christians), Mohammed Aboubaka, Imam of Buea (for Muslims), Mr. Yuh Laban (for Vedic religion) and for the Baha’i faith Mrs Stella Sirri Fuh.

In all, the speakers accepted the existence of one God, the author of their faith. They all propagated the importance of religious unity in the promotion of world peace. They all agreed that God sent a mediator for mankind be it Christ, Mohammed, Baha’u’llah, Buddha, amongst others. They all agreed that faith cannot be complete without practice, adding that in all religions there are guiding rules and regulations. They all prayed for a day were the various religions were identified through their similarities and not their differences.

Meanwhile, the Cultural and Social Affairs Adviser to the South West Governor’s office Mr. Edwin N. Ngwana urged the different religious leaders to help in the moral education of the population. He said religion should promote positive values and peace in the society. He said the Government of Cameroon stands for religious tolerance but promised hell to religious bodies operating illegally. He thanked the Baha’is and called on other religions to strive for such gatherings as it promotes peace and love.