Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cluster reflection meeting in Bamenda

The reflection meeting of the Mezam cluster took place on the 3rd December at Baforkum-Bambui. A total of 27 friends attended from Bamenda, Bambui, and Mile 4 Nkwen. The Auxiliary Board member for the cluster, Mrs. Constance Tangu was present.
Reports from the cluster, showing the situation back in August and current statistics were presented.
Study Circles

The statistics for August and December

Children's Classes

Devotional Gatherings

Pyramid of Human Resources

With a short break after the presentations, a 45 minutes/1 hour deepening was done on the theme “My Role I the Five Year Plan – God’s Plan”, which was the theme of this reflection meting. Passages anchored on individual teaching efforts and the recompense of this meritorious act of service. For example, “…every believer, be you man, woman, youth or child, is summoned to the field of action…”; “…all must participate, however humble their origin, however limited their experience, however restricted their means, however deficient their education…” The study closed with a message from the House addressed to one youth conference regarding participation in global plans. “…the Five Year plan, which will undoubtedly be the focus of your consultations over the next few days, requires concentrated and sustained attention to two essential movements. The first is the steady flow of believers through the sequence of courses offered by the training institutes…”

This special selection was meant to raise the awareness of the friends, ignite enthusiasm and encourage them to be part of the institute campaign beginning 21 December 2006given that the focus of this cluster at this time is to raise the human resource required to move it to cluster “A” where it can start off with and Intensive Programme of growth.

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