Tuesday, December 5, 2006

News and Plans from the Regional Baha'i Council for the Western Provinces


Buea Unit Convention – It is scheduled on the 17th December 2006.
Tombel Unit Convention – Mr. Noah Bang Wong and Mrs Arrah Roseline made a visit to Tombel and met Mr. Ngobe Japhet, the date is yet to be fixed.
Mamfe Unit Convention – They have chosen 17th December 2006 and all communities in the unit are informed of the date.
Kembong Unit Convention – Material are already dispatched and it may be done on the 17th December 2006.
Tinto Unit Convention – Material for this unit are already sent to them. It may be conducted on the 17th December 2006. The resource person is Oneke Mathew.
Bamenda Unit Convention – It is already scheduled for the 17th December 2006.


  • A Vision conference will take place In Ngoketunjia on the 10th December 2006 at the Bahá’í Centre in Baba 1.
  • The Next meeting of the Regional Bahá’í Council is on the 6th and 7th of January 2007 in Bamenda.

Plans for communities without Cluster Coordination Committees
(such as Tinto, Bafoussam, Nkambe, Kumbo, Dschang, Bongongo and Batibo.)

General objective: - to raise-up five tutors in each of these communities in four phases
The first phase (4 months) will start with a seminar, "Orientation for Investment and Service Opportunities", on the 21st January 2007 in Buea. The focus will be on raising Home Front pioneers for the localities mentioned, and will include Bahá’ís from the Western Provinces Region. The goal is to have a minimum of 10 friends complete book 3 and open up children classes in the targeted communities.

The second phase of this project will focus on training Junior Youth Animators using Ruhi Books 4 and 5. The estimated duration of this second phase of the project is 4 months.

The third phase will focus on the Training of teachers of the Faith using Ruhi Book 6. This phase will last for two months.

The fourth and final phase will be for the training of tutors. Ruhi Book 7 will be the main tool and the estimated duration is two months. These trained tutors will then expand the base of the pyramid.

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