Sunday, December 24, 2006

Join a Yahoo Group for Cameroonian Baha'i Youth!

"This Group is for all Cameroon Baha'i Youth as Well as Youth from other Countries who have visited Cameroon and feel they could be refered as such. Through this group we will be able to share information of the Faith as well as be able to live a communial life as though all are gathered in one Community, One home.
We Pray this might in it's own little way help us to Stay United even with the present complex nature of human migration now so beauteously scattering us apart. Hence the challenge of Unity In Diversity.
We can as well strengthen our personnal Bonds of Friendship on a ONE-ONE & ONE-MANY Basis by Posting & Reading Personnal & Group Messages, Uploading Personnal & Group Photos, Information Site Links and several other things that can keep us ever concerned to do something for our Common Community - cameroon."

To Visit this group, click on the link below:

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