Tuesday, December 5, 2006

CHECK IT OUT!!! Cameroon Baha'i Music Online

A experimental site has been set up to share music from cameroonian Baha'is. This site was created to share songs recorded by the Baha'is of Cameroon, from Choirs, groups and individual performers. The site hosts different songs over time from different artists or groups who give consent for their work to be posted online. Some of the recordings have been proffesionally done and mastered, while others may be demos, and others even may be simple non-studio recordings.
Over time, as more of the friends are contacted, more music will be shared, for now, listen to some prayers recorded by the Buea Baha'i Choir in 2004. Go to www.myspace.com/bahaisingers
Contact zionside@gmail.com if you would like to post your own music on the site


Phillipe Copeland said...

Just listened to the choir. This is a sweet little thing to do, letting people hear the music. I'll be sharing this with friends here in America.

Anonymous said...

wow awesome!!!!! thanks bro!

- sahar -