Sunday, November 26, 2006

New pictures from the Construction of the National Centre

These pictures just came in on saturday and show the progress of the work towards the consrtuction of the National Centre in Yaounde. What you are seeing are portions of the foundation which was finished on November 24th, the work there now consists of filling the foundation, and as from Monday 27th, the pillars will begin to be erected.

In the above picture is the site foreman, Mr. Henock, on the right, and to the left is Mr. Henry, resident of Great Soppo Buea, who also did the wonderful carpentry at the Baha'i Centre of Learning in Buea.

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Phillipe Copeland said...

Thanks for the photos about the Baha'i National Center. It is very inspiring. Two of my close Baha'i friends, Hansel Ndam and Heleminah Loh are from Cameroon. I look forward to reading more about the growth of the Faith in your country. 'Allah'u'Abha