Monday, November 13, 2006

The New Buea Baha'i choir and other news

The Buea Baha'i choir....totally revamped!!!!!! they are singing for the Birth of Baha'u'llah at the Baha'i Centre of Learning, Molyko.

Also.........the Baha'i Center of Learning got a well deserved faclift with the installation of windows.

The Baha'i centre of Learning has a new Caretaker. You can see below the outgoing oga (Barth) with the incoming Oga (un certain John Oneke a.k.a Galaxy). More manyanga to wouna backfoot dem!!!

Rose Ngah here, conducting a children's class at the BCL

And of course, the newest addition to the Buea Baha'i community, Naseem Teku. Daughter to Dibo Akale and Gabriel Teku

And a sneek preview of the site for the new National Baha'i centre in Yaounde.

Here you can see the Foreman, Mr. Henock, who has worked on previous Baha'i projects and has been a friend of the the Faith for long.

Below are views from the site, the first picture show the Yaounde Congress Hall to the West:

And Hotel Mont Febe to the North:
A newsletter is being published to detail the progress of the contruction site, here are some extracts from that newsletter:

"The subject of relocating the National Haziratu’l-Quds from Limbe to Yaounde,the capital city, has been on the agenda of the National Spiritual Assembly since 1985. The need to transfer the National Office to the capital city, was further intensified with the growing need of the Faith in areas of expansion of communities in the country, and specially the work of the External Affairs and other Agencies of the NSA. This resolve was consolidated on 20 November 1999, when Dr. Payman Mohajer, then member of the International Teaching Centre consulted with the NSA of
Cameroon and encouraged it to pursue this Important goal.

Finally, on 22 June 2005, the NSA joyfully informed our Beloved House of Justice that the land for the National Haziratu’l-Quds had been purchased. With humble gratitude to the Blessed
Beauty, we are pleased to inform you that on 25 August 2006, construction work began, starting with the installation of the site.

The land is located in Messa - Carriere and measures 700 square meters. It is bounded by roads on two parallel sides. On the upper side by the main tarred road and on the lower, by a dirt road. The main entrance to the building will be from the tarred road leading to the third floor."

please email a request to if you would like a full copy of the newsletter.


Randall said...

I just want to be home right now! Sahba man, thanks for sharing this site and hope it serves to connect us all. Hopefully, we will be permited to post news from our current communites as well! Eventhough Buea is still the best and that is a fact! Lets keep up with the guidelines from the House of Justice and even more greater victories will come our way!
With loving greetings,
randall n. nkebiwe

molyko pikkin said...

thank you oga sah! actually the intention is that as more of the friends from the various communities access this site they will post us news or email them to be posted up. remember, the email is (an Affiliate of DoggByte Productions).

so oga! send we even news from Bosch....


Barbara Augustine-Hudlin said...

It is too long since I have been in Buea. It is wonderful to see all the progress. You are in my thooughts and prayers.
With warmest Greetings,
Barbara Augustine -Hudlin
Canada (Kumba)

molyko pikkin said...

thank you so much, we are hoping to get news from Kumba in the coming week, stay tuned.


dizzy said...

AAAWW Nice man. Wicked initiative from de dogg.Good job SAhba.
you say weti noh?
Hopefully there will be some news from here too.