Thursday, November 30, 2006

Details from Cluster Reflection Meeting in KUMBA, Nov 19th

Thanks to our dear Acha Kingsley, we have details and a picture available from the cluster reflection meeting in Kumba. enjoy!!!!

The Meeting started at 9:55 am with devotion in the presence of 36 members. Among these were 6 members of the Regional Baha'i Council (R.B.C) for the western provinces and members of two localities in the cluster namely Kumba and Kombone. Mr. Noah Bang Wong made a welcome address on the behalf of the C.C.C, reports then followed:

Core activities as of November 19th
Study circles: 07
Participation: 20

Children’s Classes: 18
Participation: 224

Devotional Gatherings: 10
Participation: 73

Home Visits: 02
Participation: 05

Juniour Youth Groups: 01
Participation: 07
A number of presentations and consultation then followed:

Mr. Noah Bang Wong presented a letter from the Regional Baha’i Council (RBC) entitled "Empowering Local Spiritual Assemblies" in which the R.B.C. is requesting the Assemblies in the region to undergo the study of the book "The Greatness and Majesty of the Local Spiritual Assembly".
Mrs. Manal Gillette then spoke about "Balancing Material and Spiritual Life" and a document titled "The Days of our Lives" was studied.
This was followed by a presentation made by Mr. Gideon Tem on "Core Activities and Refresher Courses" and "Planning at Reflection Meeting at B Cluster" by Ms Siri Stella Fuh.
The friends then went into planning and came out with the following pledges to be fulfilled by February 2007
Planned Activities for February 2007

Study circles: 05

Pre-youth Groups: 01

Children’s Classes: 02

Home Visits: 09

Devotional Gatherings: 03
Human Resources, Projected Pyramid:
Book 1: 59
Book 2: 37
Book 3: 26
Book 5: 3
Book 7: 14
The unit convention was also discussed and fixed for the 16th –17th December 2006 at Kumba. The reflection closed at 1:55 pm with remarks from Mr. Njenke Peter on the behalf of the R.B.C. and Kingsley Fortu on the behalf of the Auxilliary Board Member.
Here you can see some of the freinds gathered at the reflection meeting

Some of the friends gathered at the reflection meeting

You can email a request to for a copy of complete reflection report and a higher resolution copy of the above image.


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This looks like a wonderful reflection meeting. May the Blessed Beauty aid the growth of the Faith in your country!

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