Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cluster reflection Meeting in Kumba gets treated to a visit from the Regional Baha'i Council

From our on-the-scene correspondent Sammy Ateba...................

The kumba cluster held its reflection meeting on Sunday November 29th 2006 at the Regional Centre in Kumba. Of particular importance was that the reflection meeting coincided with the meeting of the Regional Baha'i Council for the Western Provinces.
The friends gathered at the reflection meeting had the blessing of consulting with the Regional Council as the Kumba cluster faces the challenge of moving to a Category A cluster and launching an intensive programme of growth.
Please, more details, and hopefully pictures, from the reflection meeting will be available soon.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to learn that K-Town is soon to become an A cluster. Greetings to all the Friends and we have you in our prayers. Keep up the good work.