Friday, November 24, 2006

Auxiliary Board Members appointed

The Auxiliary Board members were appointed early in November and will work under the guidance of Counsellor Tiati a Zock for the Next 5 years. Here are their names and the areas they will cover. Some areas have more that one ABM serving.
Mrs OTTIA Helen (Littoral (excluding Douala) and SW (Fako))
Mrs OTTIA Helen (Littoral (excluding Douala) and SW (Fako))
Mrs TIATI Beatrice (East and West)
Mr. ARREY John (Littoral and SW (Mamfe))
Mrs TCHAMEGNI Christine (Far North, North, Adamawa and Douala)
Mrs TANGU Constance (NW and West)
Mr GABANA Felix (East)
Mr. ONDOBO Fridolin (Centre, South and Equatorial Guinea)
Mr. DJOULDE Alain (Far North, North and Adamawa)
Mr. NKOUAGA Ferdinand (Centre, South and Equatorial Guinea)
Mr. TEM Gideon (SW and NW)

We should keep these wonderful and devoted friends in our prayers as they undertake the prodigous task of assisting the communities in implementing the 5 year plan.


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