Sunday, December 31, 2006

New edition of "From Dreams to Reality"

The monthly newsletter for the construction of the national centre in Yaounde is now available. In it you will find a message from the project management, a summary of urgent financial needs, pictures detailing the progress of the work so far, and more. Email a request to to get a copy of the newsletter. (mention "request for From Dreams to Reality" in the subject)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Arrival!!!

The Alemnge family has been blessed with another child. In the pictures you can see the new baby as well as Fidelis, his wife, and first daughter, Martha. (The name of the new baby is not yet known)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Cameroon Baha'i Music Online - NEW Song

Listen to a new song on the website for Cameroon Baha'i artists. This one is entitled "The Sun has Risen" Performed by the Buea Baha'i Choir.

If interested, email to post your music on the site. Also, contact for more information on advertising your music and selling it through the site.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Construction of new Limbe Information Centre flies ahead!

The new information centre in Limbe is beginging to take shape with the walls being erected. As you can see in the pictures, remarkable progress has been made.

Here you can see the foreman, Mr. Chi, to the Right, accompanied by Mr. Isaac Leh.

More pictures from the construction site...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Join a Yahoo Group for Cameroonian Baha'i Youth!

"This Group is for all Cameroon Baha'i Youth as Well as Youth from other Countries who have visited Cameroon and feel they could be refered as such. Through this group we will be able to share information of the Faith as well as be able to live a communial life as though all are gathered in one Community, One home.
We Pray this might in it's own little way help us to Stay United even with the present complex nature of human migration now so beauteously scattering us apart. Hence the challenge of Unity In Diversity.
We can as well strengthen our personnal Bonds of Friendship on a ONE-ONE & ONE-MANY Basis by Posting & Reading Personnal & Group Messages, Uploading Personnal & Group Photos, Information Site Links and several other things that can keep us ever concerned to do something for our Common Community - cameroon."

To Visit this group, click on the link below:

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Reports from regional conventions are coming in and will be made available as more commuities send in their reports. So far, reports from 2 conventions have come in:
The convention held on Sunday 17th December, the delegates for the Douala Convention are:

M. Janvier Babounda
M. Fono Theophile
M. Niaz Bushrui
Mme. Fono Marceline

The convention held on the 17th as well, the delegates for Fako are:
Mr. Bartholomew Mokuh
Mr. ALexander Agbor
Mr. Isaac Leh
Ms. Stella Fuh
Mr. Kamran Frooghi

Here are some pcitures from the Fako regional convention

Thursday, December 21, 2006

NEW song from Gustaff & "The Light Combo"

Check out a new song on the website for Cameroon Baha'i artists. This one is entitled
"Beauty" Performed by Gustaff Besungu and "The Light Combo"


If interested, email to post your music on the site. Also, contact for more information on advertising your music and selling it through the site.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Update from the New Center in Limbe

As reported previously, a new Baha'i centre is being constructed in Limbe on the plot of land purchased by Hand of the Cause Enoch Olinga. Already a lot of progress has been made and the Baha'i Information Centre is begining to take shape. Enjoy the pictures...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

STORIES WANTED!! - send your news

Following from the moitvation to share news from the Cameroonian Baha'i community, a new initiative has been proposed....please take time to consider it and respond.
The essential nature of individual initiative in stimulating the growth of the Faith is such a crucial element that it was thought that this site should serve as a means for the friends to share their personal experiences. No matter how small, these experiences, once shared, provide a model for others and give hope to those who aspire to serve the Faith even more.
As such, you are all invited, from Maroua and Ebolowa, from Baba to Gari-Gomb0, from Kumba and Douala, Buea to Bamenda...even from moscow and london, from Haifa to Sydney, Los Angeles to Raleigh, from Nice to Johanesburg......wherever you are, please, you are wholeheartedly invited to share news of your activities, be it study circles or devotional gatherings, firesides or home visits or any other activity you are engaged in. We all want to hear your glad tidings and share in your joys, successes and challenges. Your stories are screaming to get out!!
Email your news to, if possible, describe your activity sharing how you started, what motivated you and what your vision is, as well as the succeses and challenges you have had. Pictures are highly welcome!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

NEW on Cameroon Baha'i Music Online

Check out a new song on the website for Cameroon Baha'i artists. This one is entitled
"Children of the Half life" Performed by Nachidah Tchamegni
If interested, email to post your music on the site.
Also, contact for more information on advertising your music and selling it through the site.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fako Cluster Reflection Meeting - December

The Fako cluster had it reflection meeting on10th December in Limbe, the detial report is not yet available, however, some preliminary statistics from the cluster are available. More information on the reflection, reports and plans for the next cycle of growth will be posted as they become available.

Statistics on Core activities

no. of children's classes: 27
Attendance; 246

no. of junior youth groups: 15
Attendance: 208

no. of study cirlces: 22
Attendance: 56

Pyramid of resources for the cluster

book 1 = 130
book 2 = 97
book3 = 76
book 4 = 49
book 5 = 19
book 6 = 38
book 7= 31

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NEW on Cameroon Baha'i Music Online

Check out a new song on the website for Cameroon Baha'i artists. This one is entitled
"Village Nights" Performed by Gustaff Besungu and his band "The Light Combo"
If interested, email to post your music on the site.
Also, contact for more information on advertising your music and selling it through the site.

Monday, December 11, 2006


In an amazing development, the much-forgotten Local Baha'i Centre of Limbe will be ressurected. Limbe has housed the National Centre for many years, and for many Baha'is, especially younger ones, this was known to be the only centre in the town. However, the Hand of the Cause, Enoch Olinga, had purchased another piece of land for the purpose of a local centre with funds from the beloved Guardian.
The land and building that had been erected by Mr. Olinga had been put out of use when the construction of a main road took up a portion of the land many years ago. Well, the good news is that it took that long for the National Spiritual Assembly for recieve compensation from the government for the land taken up by the road, and it has been decieded that the money will be used to build an information centre on the same land that the Hand of the Cause once lived. More details will be available on the structure to be raised on the land, but apparentyl it will be an information centre with limited lodgistics focused on teaching the Faith.
The pictures from the site show the progress of the work. A fence has been completed around the land and work on the foundation is already underway. The foreman for the construction is Mr. Chi, who also worked on the Centre of Learning in Buea. Those who have seen his craftsmanship know the quality of work that is to be expected for the new information centre in Limbe.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cameroon Baha'i Music Online

check out a new song on the website for cameroon Baha'i singers. This one is entitled "All regligions are one" Performed by Dibo Teku and Abbas Alex.

If interested, email to post your music on the site. Artist who post their songs on the site will also be able to sell their albums through the site.

University Of Buea Baha'i Students Club meets with the Local Spiritual Assembly

The traditional annual meeting of the UB Baha'i Students club with the LSA of Buea took place in the midst of the current strike that has ground the university to a halt. Those gathered studied writings on "A two fold moral purpose: service and studies". This was followed by advice on registration procedures into the university.
As usual, the meeting concluded with a comprehensive meal, Ndole in this case. Here are some pictures from the event.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

CHECK IT OUT!!! Cameroon Baha'i Music Online

A experimental site has been set up to share music from cameroonian Baha'is. This site was created to share songs recorded by the Baha'is of Cameroon, from Choirs, groups and individual performers. The site hosts different songs over time from different artists or groups who give consent for their work to be posted online. Some of the recordings have been proffesionally done and mastered, while others may be demos, and others even may be simple non-studio recordings.
Over time, as more of the friends are contacted, more music will be shared, for now, listen to some prayers recorded by the Buea Baha'i Choir in 2004. Go to
Contact if you would like to post your own music on the site

News and Plans from the Regional Baha'i Council for the Western Provinces


Buea Unit Convention – It is scheduled on the 17th December 2006.
Tombel Unit Convention – Mr. Noah Bang Wong and Mrs Arrah Roseline made a visit to Tombel and met Mr. Ngobe Japhet, the date is yet to be fixed.
Mamfe Unit Convention – They have chosen 17th December 2006 and all communities in the unit are informed of the date.
Kembong Unit Convention – Material are already dispatched and it may be done on the 17th December 2006.
Tinto Unit Convention – Material for this unit are already sent to them. It may be conducted on the 17th December 2006. The resource person is Oneke Mathew.
Bamenda Unit Convention – It is already scheduled for the 17th December 2006.


  • A Vision conference will take place In Ngoketunjia on the 10th December 2006 at the Bahá’í Centre in Baba 1.
  • The Next meeting of the Regional Bahá’í Council is on the 6th and 7th of January 2007 in Bamenda.

Plans for communities without Cluster Coordination Committees
(such as Tinto, Bafoussam, Nkambe, Kumbo, Dschang, Bongongo and Batibo.)

General objective: - to raise-up five tutors in each of these communities in four phases
The first phase (4 months) will start with a seminar, "Orientation for Investment and Service Opportunities", on the 21st January 2007 in Buea. The focus will be on raising Home Front pioneers for the localities mentioned, and will include Bahá’ís from the Western Provinces Region. The goal is to have a minimum of 10 friends complete book 3 and open up children classes in the targeted communities.

The second phase of this project will focus on training Junior Youth Animators using Ruhi Books 4 and 5. The estimated duration of this second phase of the project is 4 months.

The third phase will focus on the Training of teachers of the Faith using Ruhi Book 6. This phase will last for two months.

The fourth and final phase will be for the training of tutors. Ruhi Book 7 will be the main tool and the estimated duration is two months. These trained tutors will then expand the base of the pyramid.

Monday, December 4, 2006

New edition of "From Dream to Reality"

The second issue of the newsletter "From Dream to reality", is now available. The Newsletter was started with the aim of updating the friends on the progress of the construction of the new National Center in Yaounde. Here are some highlights....

A computer generated model of the completed building

Some friends from the Yaounde-Soa cluster gathered at the construction site on 17th Spetember following a reflection meeting


Total estimated cost of the project (building + land) = 110,596,415 CFA.

• Total received from the World Centre: = 66,531,896 CFA.
• Total received from individuals from abroad, individuals
from Cameroon, LSA’s, and communities in Cameroon: = 2,130,273 CFA.
TOTAL INCOME: = 68,662,169 CFA.

• Purchase of land, tax, notary, title deed, etc. = 13,821,678 CFA.
• Bank Charges = 11,480 CFA.
• Total expense on project as of November: (materials, labour, utilities, installation, building permit, etc.) = 9,542,505 CFA.
TOTAL EXPENSE: = 23,375,663 CFA.

BALANCE IN BANK: = 45,286,506 CFA.


All this and much more in the second edition of "From Dream to reality" email a request to for the complete issue.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Details from Cluster Reflection Meeting in KUMBA, Nov 19th

Thanks to our dear Acha Kingsley, we have details and a picture available from the cluster reflection meeting in Kumba. enjoy!!!!

The Meeting started at 9:55 am with devotion in the presence of 36 members. Among these were 6 members of the Regional Baha'i Council (R.B.C) for the western provinces and members of two localities in the cluster namely Kumba and Kombone. Mr. Noah Bang Wong made a welcome address on the behalf of the C.C.C, reports then followed:

Core activities as of November 19th
Study circles: 07
Participation: 20

Children’s Classes: 18
Participation: 224

Devotional Gatherings: 10
Participation: 73

Home Visits: 02
Participation: 05

Juniour Youth Groups: 01
Participation: 07
A number of presentations and consultation then followed:

Mr. Noah Bang Wong presented a letter from the Regional Baha’i Council (RBC) entitled "Empowering Local Spiritual Assemblies" in which the R.B.C. is requesting the Assemblies in the region to undergo the study of the book "The Greatness and Majesty of the Local Spiritual Assembly".
Mrs. Manal Gillette then spoke about "Balancing Material and Spiritual Life" and a document titled "The Days of our Lives" was studied.
This was followed by a presentation made by Mr. Gideon Tem on "Core Activities and Refresher Courses" and "Planning at Reflection Meeting at B Cluster" by Ms Siri Stella Fuh.
The friends then went into planning and came out with the following pledges to be fulfilled by February 2007
Planned Activities for February 2007

Study circles: 05

Pre-youth Groups: 01

Children’s Classes: 02

Home Visits: 09

Devotional Gatherings: 03
Human Resources, Projected Pyramid:
Book 1: 59
Book 2: 37
Book 3: 26
Book 5: 3
Book 7: 14
The unit convention was also discussed and fixed for the 16th –17th December 2006 at Kumba. The reflection closed at 1:55 pm with remarks from Mr. Njenke Peter on the behalf of the R.B.C. and Kingsley Fortu on the behalf of the Auxilliary Board Member.
Here you can see some of the freinds gathered at the reflection meeting

Some of the friends gathered at the reflection meeting

You can email a request to for a copy of complete reflection report and a higher resolution copy of the above image.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good attendance at Feasts in Buea of Dr. Samandari

The Buea community has recently been having good attendance at it's 19 Day Feasts, the last feast had an attendance of 62, and feast before that, which held in Dr. Samandari's home had a participation of 47. The community has adopted a sytem where groups of about three friends are formed to prepare the feast programme including devotional readings, a short talk, cleaning up etc etc....

And here is a picture of our dearest Dr. Samandari, taken in Buea on Sunday November 26th, who has never ceased to be a wonderful and loving inspiration to us all....

He is seen here with Nysa and Mehdi

New pictures from the Construction of the National Centre

These pictures just came in on saturday and show the progress of the work towards the consrtuction of the National Centre in Yaounde. What you are seeing are portions of the foundation which was finished on November 24th, the work there now consists of filling the foundation, and as from Monday 27th, the pillars will begin to be erected.

In the above picture is the site foreman, Mr. Henock, on the right, and to the left is Mr. Henry, resident of Great Soppo Buea, who also did the wonderful carpentry at the Baha'i Centre of Learning in Buea.

Please you can email a request for these images in higher resolution to

Friday, November 24, 2006

Auxiliary Board Members appointed

The Auxiliary Board members were appointed early in November and will work under the guidance of Counsellor Tiati a Zock for the Next 5 years. Here are their names and the areas they will cover. Some areas have more that one ABM serving.
Mrs OTTIA Helen (Littoral (excluding Douala) and SW (Fako))
Mrs OTTIA Helen (Littoral (excluding Douala) and SW (Fako))
Mrs TIATI Beatrice (East and West)
Mr. ARREY John (Littoral and SW (Mamfe))
Mrs TCHAMEGNI Christine (Far North, North, Adamawa and Douala)
Mrs TANGU Constance (NW and West)
Mr GABANA Felix (East)
Mr. ONDOBO Fridolin (Centre, South and Equatorial Guinea)
Mr. DJOULDE Alain (Far North, North and Adamawa)
Mr. NKOUAGA Ferdinand (Centre, South and Equatorial Guinea)
Mr. TEM Gideon (SW and NW)

We should keep these wonderful and devoted friends in our prayers as they undertake the prodigous task of assisting the communities in implementing the 5 year plan.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Statistics from Fako and Edea

Here are some extracts from the reports of Cluster reflection meetings in the Fako Cluster and Edea Cluster in September and October 2006.

Cluster Reflection Meeting In the Edea Cluster October 2006

The reflection meeting took place in the Bessombe Community with 39 participants (10 children included). The Edea Cluster includes over 5 communities and are currently a B cluster, with plans to move to A in the next months.

Some statistics for the Edea Cluster:
Pyramid of Human Resources:
Book 1: 42
Book 2: 26
Book 3: 19
Book 4: 17
Book 5: 0
Book 6: 15
Book 7: 15

Study Circles: 13
Participation: 6 Baha’is and 14 Seekers

Children’s Classes: 11
Participation: 19 Baha’is and 42 Seekers
Fako Cluster Reflection meeting 17th September 2006
Fako Cluster Reflection meeting 17th September 2006

The reflection meeting took place at the Centre of Learning in Buea, with a participation of 54.

Study Circles: 31
Participation: 21 Seekers and 58 Baha’is

Children’s Classes: 26
Participation: 234

If you would like a complete copy of the reflection meeting reports, email a request to

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cluster reflection Meeting in Kumba gets treated to a visit from the Regional Baha'i Council

From our on-the-scene correspondent Sammy Ateba...................

The kumba cluster held its reflection meeting on Sunday November 29th 2006 at the Regional Centre in Kumba. Of particular importance was that the reflection meeting coincided with the meeting of the Regional Baha'i Council for the Western Provinces.
The friends gathered at the reflection meeting had the blessing of consulting with the Regional Council as the Kumba cluster faces the challenge of moving to a Category A cluster and launching an intensive programme of growth.
Please, more details, and hopefully pictures, from the reflection meeting will be available soon.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The New Buea Baha'i choir and other news

The Buea Baha'i choir....totally revamped!!!!!! they are singing for the Birth of Baha'u'llah at the Baha'i Centre of Learning, Molyko.

Also.........the Baha'i Center of Learning got a well deserved faclift with the installation of windows.

The Baha'i centre of Learning has a new Caretaker. You can see below the outgoing oga (Barth) with the incoming Oga (un certain John Oneke a.k.a Galaxy). More manyanga to wouna backfoot dem!!!

Rose Ngah here, conducting a children's class at the BCL

And of course, the newest addition to the Buea Baha'i community, Naseem Teku. Daughter to Dibo Akale and Gabriel Teku

And a sneek preview of the site for the new National Baha'i centre in Yaounde.

Here you can see the Foreman, Mr. Henock, who has worked on previous Baha'i projects and has been a friend of the the Faith for long.

Below are views from the site, the first picture show the Yaounde Congress Hall to the West:

And Hotel Mont Febe to the North:
A newsletter is being published to detail the progress of the contruction site, here are some extracts from that newsletter:

"The subject of relocating the National Haziratu’l-Quds from Limbe to Yaounde,the capital city, has been on the agenda of the National Spiritual Assembly since 1985. The need to transfer the National Office to the capital city, was further intensified with the growing need of the Faith in areas of expansion of communities in the country, and specially the work of the External Affairs and other Agencies of the NSA. This resolve was consolidated on 20 November 1999, when Dr. Payman Mohajer, then member of the International Teaching Centre consulted with the NSA of
Cameroon and encouraged it to pursue this Important goal.

Finally, on 22 June 2005, the NSA joyfully informed our Beloved House of Justice that the land for the National Haziratu’l-Quds had been purchased. With humble gratitude to the Blessed
Beauty, we are pleased to inform you that on 25 August 2006, construction work began, starting with the installation of the site.

The land is located in Messa - Carriere and measures 700 square meters. It is bounded by roads on two parallel sides. On the upper side by the main tarred road and on the lower, by a dirt road. The main entrance to the building will be from the tarred road leading to the third floor."

please email a request to if you would like a full copy of the newsletter.